I have taken different yoga classes before Divya’s. None were as fun, challenging and effective as Divya’s Body Sculpt class. My core has gotten stronger, my flexibility has greatly improved and my knee pain almost gone.

Divya is a great person to be around. She is fun and motivating . One can tell she has extensive knowledge of yoga. Her instructions are clear. She personalizes/modifies certain exercises to fit skill level or accommodate injuries. I would recommend her class to everyone. 5/5 stars!

Firdous Mulla, Santa Clara

Divya is a great trainer / coach .She is passionate about health as a way of life : healthy body and mind . She is cheerful , motivating and strong minded. Exercise training sessions taken by her are really fun and engaging. I really enjoy training with her and follow my pursuit of leading a healthy life style . As a coach she brings about a lot of variation to day to day exercise sessions to fit an individual needs and that’s what’s makes her stand apart as an excellent trainer .

Upasna Naithani, Sunnyvale

I was very apprehensive to try yoga , but I’m so glad I did ! Divya is patient , professional ,talented and super sweet . She makes our yoga session a class that look forward to every week !

Sana Abou Hantash, Milpitas

Truely inspired by your yoga… Really too good.

Nisha Jain

I feel a lot more fitter than i was before joining your sessions

Divya Shukla

I first met Divya at the Yoga Institute. I was in complete awe of her. She is dedicated, sincere and a complete fitness ‘lover’. If you decide to join her classes, be rest assured that you will start enjoying being fit. More power to you girl. Way to go. Stay fit stay healthy.

Rashmi Kabra

Divya is an excellent yoga trainer… My experience with her has been amazing….she has a very good knowledge and she makes sure that every student of her has a very good yogic experience throughout her sessions.. Her perfect way to maintain the yoga poses for core strengthing was my take away from her sessions… Overall a fantastic yoga experience with Divya ❤

Madhu Patwari

I & my hubby we are taking yoga class from Divya & she is excellent, superb flexibility & its fun doing yoga wid her as there is no repitation & everyday there is somethin new to learn. Thank u soo much Divya..

Neha Kadmawala Agarwal

You have a great strength, flexibility and good teaching abilities. I love to learn yoga from you.

Sharada Naik

I am really glad to have a friend like Divya where you learn a lot from her like keep going, positivity and many more. She is really hardworking girl and what I like about her is she implements what she thinks of rather just keep thinking. Very enthusiastic girl and helpful. Being fashion designer to yoga instructor she is playing her role very well and that’s what everyone should learn instead of being lazy be active.

Namrata Jain

I have seen your dedication towards Yoga and have found yourself to be fully immersed in it. You can definitely guide your students to greater heights and help them reconnect with self.

Divyakumar Bhair

I just admire the passion of Yoga in you. Would love to learn from you.

Vineeta Wadhwani

Well, I approached Divya after seeing her instagram post. Her each post is very motivating and inspiring. I am that type of a person who gets bored very easily but Divya’s yoga classes are extremely well planned and no two sessions are the same. As someone with a short attention span, I’m always surprised at how quickly the time goes. I really enjoy her classes and look forward for the same.

Ayush Gattani

Being a part of Divya’s yoga classes has been such an important part of my pregnancy. She has not only helped me a lot to come back in shape but also helped me a lot to gain my confidence, strength and flexibility level. It’s been almost 7 months now that I am training with her, and looking forward to many more such classes. Thanks for being so supportive.

Pinky Malpani

Divya is an artist in herself…..she looks n speak yoga….a true yogini by heart….best instructor in town….

Ruchi Chitalia

A great friend, wonderful Yoga teacher and dedicated fitness enthusiast. All the very best for all your endeavors.

Bhumika Goswami

Fantastic yoga instructor! Good spirit and positive vibes.

Pinkey Shrivastava

I met Divya at the yoga institute while we were training for our TTC. She was not only dedicated and attentive but also kind and gentle in her approach. Divya is able to effortlessly motivate her students by setting an example and demonstrating what you can achieve with the right mindset, attitude and discipline – I hope we meet again soon Divya!

Joey Akhil

Divya is amongst those few people who are truly following their passion (fitness in her case) in today’s not so fair world. My intention here is to stress that she is not a “by chance” fitness trainer. This aspect brings out the best in her, be it for herself or others whom she is coaching. She is an encouraging trainer, a result oriented coach, a wonderful human and a charming personality.

I took yoga sessions with Divya post my c section delivery. I am quite happy with the results. Her motivating spirit has given me confidence to carry on my fitness journey. Wish her all the best for her future endeavors!!

Nishi Sharma

I really appreciate your hard work and dedication towards learning and now teaching others yoga… all the best dear.

Jyothi Franco

Divya has been an amazing person. This session is very helpful for everyone. This is an excellent way to relax and re-energise yourself with Divya. I hope you all look forward in taking part, it’s worth it.

Seema Shivalkar

The top notch yoga enthusiast, a dearest friend and well, you can say she’s best at what she does. Keep inspiring always.

Aashna Shrivastava

Divya has progressed a lot these days and I’m stunned to see how good she has become in yoga. She works out a lot and has the will power of never giving up.
I hope she keeps progressing, God bless her.

Anil Kadam

Divya has truly been an inspiration. She is a multi-tasker who has excelled in everything she puts her mind and heart too. She not only exuberates positivity but also inspires everyone to push beyond the limits to achieve the unattainable.

Astha Shrivastava

I deeply appreciate the manner in which Divya design her classes. When I leave her class, I feel very energetic and spiritually polished. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I have enjoyed Divya’s enthusiasm, patience, love for yoga and demeanor. She has an amazing flexibility level, keep up the good spirit.🙏👍

Ankur Gattani