I started working out when I was a teenager with dances classes and yoga. Regular exercise became a part of my life as the years advanced. My interest in fashion design also motivated me to stay fit: I can carry the dresses I design with confidence.

I am a professional yoga instructor. I enjoy challenging myself with difficult yoga postures and CrossFit training. I literally wait all day to hit the gym. Exercising makes me feel very energetic and happy. It gives me a positive attitude towards life. It also builds physical and mental strength.

I plan my workout schedule in the beginning of the week. I prefer to workout 5-6 days in a week. Once a schedule is fixed, I don’t make any changes to it. My workout schedule includes 3 days of weight training and 2 days of functional training followed by yoga. On the 6th day, I prefer to do outdoor workout like beach workout or I simply just go for quick run. Sometimes I also like to play squash.

My diet is very simple. I start and end my day with green tea or herbal tea. I believe in eating healthy food which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products, gluten free food and salads, instead of processed and junk food.

Ice-cream is my weakness so whenever I cheat, ice-cream will be at the top most thing in my menu. My cheat meal would be once or twice a week depending on my mood.