Yoga is For Life

I am a certified yoga instructor. I have been practicing yoga for several years. I first taught yoga in Mumbai, India, for two years. After moving to the US, I have taught yoga to high school students at Alto Swim Club (Stanford University), to kids at schools in Sunnyvale and Palo Alto, and taken corporate classes at Walmart Labs.

I take both private and group lessons. Please DM me on Instagram or fill out this form if you are interested. Join my Facebook group to get the latest updates on fitness and my classes.

If you have taken lessons from me before, please consider leaving a testimonial (thank you!). You can see all the testimonials here.

Divya is amongst those few people who are truly following their passion (fitness in her case) in today’s not so fair world. My intention here is to stress that she is not a “by chance” fitness trainer. This aspect brings out the best in her, be it for herself or others whom she is coaching. She is an encouraging trainer, a result oriented coach, a wonderful human and a charming personality.

I took yoga sessions with Divya post my c section delivery. I am quite happy with the results. Her motivating spirit has given me confidence to carry on my fitness journey. Wish her all the best for her future endeavors!!

Nishi Sharma

I met Divya at the yoga institute while we were training for our TTC. She was not only dedicated and attentive but also kind and gentle in her approach. Divya is able to effortlessly motivate her students by setting an example and demonstrating what you can achieve with the right mindset, attitude and discipline – I hope we meet again soon Divya!

Joey Akhil